Placement Pondering…..

Well at the moment I am on placement and I am using the oppertunity to discuss things with staff that I may have discussed in class. On such thing that came up after I had been observing an interview was the use of the Career Planning Journey model.  Click here to have a look : 

The careers adviser I was speaking to said that in general most advisers don’t use this model. Her words about it were that ‘it was setting people up for a fall’, as most people think they are further ahead than they actually are so from the start the interview can have a negative tone. From my discussion with that particular adviser and other advisers I have observed the most common approach seems to be an eclectic mix that is dependent on the needs of the client. The adviser I spoke to said that the delivery of the model can also cause issues with clients. She said she had a client come in who had been to another centre and the adviser there had used the career planning journey, the client felt like she was being treated like she was stupid, having the coloured steps on the journey pointed out and explained to her when all she wanted was info on a particular college course. Therefore I think that in an ideal world we would all be like robots using exactly the same model to give exactly the same service to all clients but the reality is that one model can’t be right for all clients and even if it is, its impossible to ensure that every adviser is delivering it the same way.





One Response to “Placement Pondering…..”

  1. misspm Says:

    These are another few good points about the one model for all discussion. I have never came across this but I could imagine it would be a big knock on the confidence for someone to say no you’re not where you think you are in terms of coloured steps. Furthermore the client would then see they have a long way to go and maybe be discouraged. I think maybe the career planning journey should be used as a recording tool for advisers, that on computer they could identify what stage the client is at, without having to be patronising to the client explaining the coloured steps when all they wanted was info on a college course like you say!

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